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Being an electrician

Someone asked me if I enjoyed being an electrician. My simple answer was, "Yes, it's great". The longer version of that answer is a bit more complex.

I think back to the much earlier me not really having any skills.....

One day I was asked if I would help out on a job site. I said yes and showed up the next day. I was carrying material, stringing out electrical cords, setting up ladders, nailing boxes, sweeping and doing whatever was asked of me. Months passed and I found I was enjoying using my brain, doing work that is hands on, being part of a team, seeing something bigger than what I could do by myself get accomplished. When you walk off of a construction job that you have poured your time, energy, heart, sweat, laughter, frustrations and creativity into and you look back and see that you helped create something that people need, enjoy and are grateful for, it is a great feeling.

That first job at that company lasted 4 years and led down a path of accomplishment. A way of paying the bills. Being able to start a family. Buy a house. Becoming a member of an exclusive club that I never knew was possible for a "nobody". That "Club" is being in the blessed group of folks that can and want to work hard, show up on time, play nice, conquer the enemy, save the day, be the hero, be the friend, be the coworker who knows about his partners tough times and good times. It enabled me to have an identity. By showing up everyday, doing what I told other people I would do, being trustworthy with time and tools and material, raising my hand for more responsibility, showing up on time, not taking short cuts when others weren't looking, all these things add up to define the character of a person.

After those 4 years, and 10 years at another company, I started my own company which has been at it now for 17+ more years. The men and women that work here share those same values. So, yes, the short answer to Do you enjoy being an Electrician? is Yes, it's great. It's who I am in many ways beyond being an electrician.

Only in America where no one but you stand in the way of your dreams.

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